Design & Development

REALBASE ENGINEERING SDN BHD credentials for providing engineering support services on Subsea Systems Projects. REALBASE ENGINEERING is ideally suited to provide these engineering support services because REALBASE ENGINEERING has the:

  • Experienced people
  • technical capability
  • track record
  • local knowledge
  • project systems

to deliver a best-in-class result for the work contemplated.

Technical Capability

The requirements for new projects in the modern oil and gas market are many and varied. Facilities are required to have maximum availability with low associated risk and may be designed on fast tracked schedules. Add to this the often marginal economics of small field developments and the ever-present budget constraints and a true challenge is born. Such developments require constant innovation to take them from the initial concept to being installed and operational.

REALBASE ENGINEERING has been responsible for all phases of Subsea System projects from initial screening studies through to detailed design, fabrication/installation, and operation and decommissioning. Projects have been carried out in all of the major oil and gas producing areas.

REALBASE ENGINEERING has consistently demonstrated an incisive understanding of the operator's needs and of the best approach to provide the optimum solution. REALBASE ENGINEERING ensures that its design process considers the construction aspects of the project, together with the logistics of transporting equipment to site. This approach is extended by our belief in using life-cycle costs when evaluating development optimisation alternatives. Consequently, REALBASE ENGINEERING always considers the impact on maintenance and operability when selecting the optimum design.

REALBASE ENGINEERING has one of the most impressive track records for the design of new subsea developments. REALBASE ENGINEERING’s technical and commercial understanding of the existing infrastructure enables REALBASE ENGINEERING to identify the most feasible facility configuration. REALBASE ENGINEERING’s depth and breadth of design expertise, together with REALBASE ENGINEERING’s knowledge of complementary disciplines such as exploration, petroleum engineering and production-operations, results in an ability to evaluate design options quickly and to select the optimum solution. REALBASE ENGINEERING is then in a position to develop the preferred configuration through to the completion of the project.

Range of Services

REALBASE ENGINEERING is a specialist in subsea offshore projects, from the conception and design of some of the smallest systems through to the largest projects. REALBASE ENGINEERING has played, and continues to play, an integral role in the offshore oil and gas industry. REALBASE ENGINEERING’s proven expertise, innovative engineering and resources enable REALBASE ENGINEERING to remain in the industry.

Amongst the range of services which the REALBASE ENGINEERING provides are:

  • Concept development
  • Flow Assurance
  • Preliminary and detailed design  
    • Pipeline End Manifold
    • Pipeline End Termination
    • Subsea Isolation Valves
    • High Integrity Pipeline Protection System
    • Topside Umbilical Termination
    • Subsea Umbilical Termination
    • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Preparation of tender documentation and procurement services
  • Preparation of fabrication and installation procedures and subsequent construction and Installation supervision/assistance.

REALBASE ENGINEERING prides itself on its ability to recognise special requirements of marginal field developments and the need to maintain a flexible approach to engineering solutions. REALBASE ENGINEERING helps its clients find cost effective and safe routes to project sanction and beyond.

Software and Systems

As an engineering and project management services provider, RSUBSEA uses all industry standard technical and management software packages. A list of the more commonly used applications is included below.

Pipeline/ Subsea Engineering Software







Pipe and riser stress analysis




Advanced finite element analysis software




Advanced finite element analysis software




Computational fluid dynamic analysis software




2D General drafting




3D General drafting




3D General drafting


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