High Integrity Pipeline Protection System


Our Partner Subsea & Offshore Systems designed, built and installed their first HIPPS package in 2003 and has quickly established itself as a market leader in the design, development, fabrication and commissioning of fully integrated HIPPS packages, having successfully installed over 47 systems through 2009.

For oil and gas producers, the loss of containment is a critical issue. Too much pressure on a vessel or pipeline can cause flammable, explosive, hazardous, or toxic chemicals to be released into the atmosphere – threatening lives and endangering the environment. The loss of containment can also severely impact a business’ bottom line when you consider the cost of replacing or repairing a production unit and potential production losses.

HIPPS are installed in place of conventional mechanical relief valves to handle large flow rates and high pressures, reducing the risk that a production unit exceeds its design pressure.

Operating Conditions:

  • Pressure Range: 1480 – 15,000 psi
  • Temperature: Ambient (-40C - 70C) 
  • Sizes: 2 – 36 inche

The Brains

The development of the HIPPS package is governed by IEC 61508 / 61511 which defines specific guidelines to configure the SIS to provide the necessary risk reduction and meet the required Safety Integrity Level (SIL)

The Logic Solver uses standard, proven, function block software and has available options which include partial stroke testing, valve function logging to support preventative maintenance operations and communications to all major DCS systems and customized third party communications interfaces.

The SIS controller can be provided up to a range of IEC 61508 SIL III platforms, to include scalable 2oo3 pressure transmitters and 1oo2 solenoid packages. The SIS choice is dictated by functionality and availability requirements, system cost and client preference.

All systems are independently certified third party, ensuring compliance to current legislation and industry standards.


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